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Alp Cross 4 Beginners

pyramid biking

pyramid biking

Tripoli Hut

spring flowers

picnic site under snow

view to Grindelwald; Mid top: Wetterhorn, left below: Grosse Scheidegg; to the right: foothills of Schreckhorn

"The Eiger North Face"

Yippie! Top of Maennlichen - nearly...



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Miriquidi Bike Trail T1

Mat, Denise, and me tried one of the five official Saxonian mountain bike trails around Lengefeld/Erzgebirge on Sunday. Starting point was in Lengefeld (gap of the track) while the direction was clockwise. Below there is the track profile added taken by a Garmin GPS handheld unit. Not much maximum height, but enough metres in height to get in the knees. Finally we turned the crank 939 m overall altitudes. Luckyly we found a nice natural well refuelling us with “Radler” :).

Cheers Michael


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Lost in world: Mom, leaving for her around-the-world-trip by bike

On Friday 16/04/2010 Mom left for her huge trip (almost) around the world. First route will be: from somewhere in Germany to Valencia (Spain), where a cargo ship is waiting to bring her and her travel companion to Montreal (Canada). Afterwards her route will lead through USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile to Tierra del Fuego. More information coming (probably) soon, also on (in german). Mom, please stay healthy at all times! Still crazy after all these years!

She's leaving home after living alone for so many years... is the one thing that money can't buy: Spirit of Ecstasy

most importantly: Oh no don't forget your home 'cause I've been there I can relate.

my home is my castle on my bike

Mom, you've got to move that weight! Move that weight a long time!

Friday morning at nine o'clock she is far away....


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looking for some terrific results? 😉

To see the distribution of the 3d modeling of some subvolcanic bodies in the Halle Volcanic Complex. The red horizon is the Kieselschiefer-Quarzit-Konglomerat (KQK).

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Showcase in Bärn

Swiss Easter Superrabbit scrabbles about his Bell

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