Alp Cross 4 Beginners

pyramid biking

pyramid biking

Tripoli Hut

spring flowers

picnic site under snow

view to Grindelwald; Mid top: Wetterhorn, left below: Grosse Scheidegg; to the right: foothills of Schreckhorn

"The Eiger North Face"

Yippie! Top of Maennlichen - nearly...



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2 responses to “Alp Cross 4 Beginners

  1. Mat

    I see, extensive training has started! But why are the last three pictures in such bad quality?

  2. mrpopp

    *tz* bad image quality…
    We are happy to get some images at all from this impressive landscape. Photographs are taken by the build-in camera of my old Nokia 6230i cell phone, because of forgetting our professional compact camera.


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