Rhine Falls und Lake Hallwil

Using one of the scorching weekend making an easy bike tour to the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. The journey starts at Kaiserstuhl – Yes! – Swizerland has alot of Kaiserstuhlserissere.. – and we followed the main bicycle path at the right river side to Neuhausen crossing three times the D-CH borderline. Tributing the heat we decided to turn back taking the left Rhine side vie Rheinau, Tösseg, and Rheinsfelden. Btw, Tösseg is sayed to be a very famous restaurant as the many noble cars parking there indicated. We didn’t tryed it out – too expencive..

A little bit exhausted from the day before we made a smaller trip – by bicycle as well – to an other nice countryside: Lake Hallwil. After founding a free parking place in Seengen we took the way around Lake Hallwil clockwise. After a short, but heavy uphill passage because of hot and too sunny conditions we took a long time out.

On the way back to Seengen we passed a stoneaged graveyard: The „Hallstatt Grave“. The Geocache located there wasn’t found – pourly equipped… (please no comments about that 🙂 ).

Passing Birrwil and picking up a refreshing big soft ice we cycled further to the local famous Castle „Hallwyl“.


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