Escaping the Summer Heat – 3 Days in Arosa

For the next three day we excaped again from the damning heat. While the temperatures in Olten raises easily above 30°C, in the mountains it has only 20°C. So we travelled to Arosa. During the summer time a heaven for bikers.

Overnight we steaed in the cheepest hotel as a 1 hour internet search reveals. 50.00 CHF a double room including breakfast. The name of the hotel: „Basic Hotel“. 🙂 plus 10.00 CHF visitor’s tax per person. But for that you get an electronic keycard using 2 cable cars and train between Arosa and Langwies for free.

All Bike routes were intensively investigated and downloaded from www, quickly reworked , via GoogleEarth visualised and finally converted to dgb-Mapsource format ready to send to the GPS. Thanks to OpenStreetMap for providing free digital maps. (Regularly map updates of different regions can be downloaded from here.)

1st day: Arosa-Maran-Ochsenapl-Sattelapl-Aelplisee-Innerarosa-Arosa

2nd day: Arosa-Litzirueti-Enthalbwald-Molinis-St.Peter-Peist-Peister Alp-Blckter Fuerggli-Skihaus Casanna-Langwies-Train back to Arosa

3rd day: Cable car „Hoernlibahn“ uphill to „Hoernli“-Downhill to Arosa-Hinterwald-Alteiner Water Falls-Arosa → back to Olten, and Nordhausen respectivly.

Single trail above Lake „Schwellisee“

Country Sighting: View to Furcletta Pass and Aroser Rothhorn

on the way to Oschenalp, view to Peister Alp and the Fanin Pass

The 1st known word of human beeings = strawberry (no, obviously it's not „beer“ or „ruelps“). Found on a wooden hut at Peister Alp.

Top of Blackter Fuerggli, view to The Fondei, behind the mountains lays The Praettigau and Klosters

Railway station „Litzirueti“: up- and downhill train; unbeleavable: the gradient of the track. The train starts in Chur at 580 m above sea level and has to climb up to 1750 m sea leavel at Arosa.


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