Bike skill training – Kempten/Allgäu

A few weeks ago Denise made me a great birthday present – a bike skill seminar – a thing I allways wanted to do!

At the first day we had some basic lectures at a parking ground, which means relatively flat area but tricky gravel ground! We got some instructions in basic position on the bike, right braking w/o leaving skid marks, and curve techniques. Advanced skills were lifting the front wheel and back wheel, and combining it to a “bunny hop” as well as handling switchbacks.

At the second day we tested the before learned tricks at real trails in the woods close to Kempten. The day ended with a superb trail along a so called “Tobel” (some kind of gorge).

Tobi, our teacher, was a really good one – allways relaxed and funny and very professional with a good didactical style at the same time! Thx for the great seminar …

Advertisement: (c) Britta

That's Tobi, our "teacher" (c) Britta

Denise, lifting the front wheel - if the back wheel follows, that will be a "bunny hop" (c) Tobi

Me, trying the same ... (c) Tobi

Here we go - the back wheel follows (w/o click pedals)! (c) Britta

The master shows us how it works (c) Britta

Our group at the field trip (c) Tobi

Denise, following the instructions for riding a switchback in steep area (c) Tobi

Here I try to implement the technique for fast curves (c) Tobi

Handle root steps (c) Britta

Tobi showed us directly what we made wrong or well (c) Britta

Denise (c) Britta

A bike in the sunset (c) Britta

A thunder storm is comming close

Of course we took the frisbee with us! Here in lake "Eschacher Weier" (c) Britta

View from our balcony to the Alps



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3 responses to “Bike skill training – Kempten/Allgäu

  1. Seuche

    Tobi’s nike looks like a Liteville, isn’t it? And, what the hell happend with your right eye throwing the frisbee? Not to mentioned the strange position of your right hand. Was it dislocatet? Anyway, pleeeaaase teach me in how to do a bunny hopp… I hope you had very nice holidays. Cheers Michael

    • Mat

      Hi Micha, you’re right – Tobi’s bike is a Liteville. His own wasn’t finnished for the date of the course, so he had one of the testbikes you can rent at the place there.
      Nothing happend with my right or left eye! I’m not sure what you think you can see there. Okay, my hand position looks really strange but this due to fact that the fotos was taken right after the frisbee was leaving my hand. Try to throw a frisbee and check what your hand looks like! … Or better don’t throw a frisbee, since you would definitely dislocate your shoulder! 😉

  2. Seuche

    PS: nike -> bike

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