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Denise has a new bike!!!

As you could have read in one of the older posts, Denise had crushed her old bike by jumping over a tiny bump. So the logical consequence was to buy a new one! 😉

It’s a Canyon Nerve XC 8.0 – for detailed specifications check the manufacturer home page (!

Here just the hard facts: 120 mm travel at ca. 12 kg total weight – sounds like fun!

Denise's new bike on top of the "Reiche Zeche"

... more detailed


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I am shocked … !

… of my avarage pulse (160 bpm – usually it’s below 120 on an ordinary mtb tour)!

On Sunday the 8th, there will be a mtb race in Seiffen (ebm – erzgebirgs bike marathon) and therefor I was on a test ride this afternoon. Maybe the unusual high pulse is due to a serious cold I had last week or it’s simply because I’m in a really bad shape (or both of it) …

Check the facts:

Distance:               27.25 km
Meters in hight:  762 m
Time:                      01:38:41 h
Av. speed:            16.56 km/h
Max. speed:         45.90 km/h
Av. pulse:             160 bpm
Max. pulse:          181 bpm

For the race I really need to slow down, otherwise I won’t survive two rounds of that!

Chart logged with my Sigma ROX 9.0. The blue line shows the hight above sea-level, the red one indicates the heart frequency. WP1 is a muesli bar stop and WP2 and 3 are the start and end of the steep uphill "Alp de Wettin", respectively. (Sorry, there's only one y-scale possible)


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Kola Peninsula, Russian Federation

I had the pleasure to participate in a conference called “MAAM II – Minerals As Advanced Materials II” in Kirovsk, Kola peninsula this July. Even the journey was somewhat adventurous: plain from Leipzig to Frankfurt, plain to St. Petersburg, Russia, changing to train. A 23 hour journey followed to Apatity and our final destination Kirovsk in the Khibiny mountains. Conference was held 3 days with dozens of interesting speeches. Last two days were reserved for excursion in the mountains (and mineral localities: astrophyllite, titanite, apatite and many – exotic – more). Some unforgettable impressions:

Endless train through endless forests

Endless train through endless forests

polar circle

poliar krug = polar circle

view from the hotel window

view from the hotel window

stairway to ivan

stairway to Ivan


the sign says sauna

i'm fixing a hole - nepheline-apatite-titanite open-pit

over the rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow

part of the track

part of the track - note the tailings in the background

me enjoying view and silence

me enjoying view and silence

flower enjoying view and silence

flower enjoying view and silence

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