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Visiting Uri in Israel

Now it’s been a while since Denise and I had visited Uri in Israel – it was in November last year … Uri, thanks again for the superb hosting and tour guiding!

Here just some of our numerous impressions – just contact me for a detailed travelogue!

some temple remains in Caesarea

uncrowded oriental market place

view to the historic part of Jerusalem

again ... Jerusalem

Dom of Rock on top of Jerusalem

dromedary in the jail - Israel-Palestian boarderline near Ariel University

since everybody had a picture riddle in his posts - here is mine!

Tel Aviv Coast/Sky Line

Jaffa flea market - you can buy everything here!

sun set at Tel Aviv's old habour - now a fancy café and night club quarter

desert landscap around Masada (next to the Dead Sea)

fresh water in the middle of the desert!

those pools are good for swimming and refreshing!

male ibex staring at female one

it's true - you can easily float on the Dead Sea!

that's me - mining Dead Sea salt from the beach rocks

sun rise over the Dead Sea seen from top of Masada

again ... the Dead Sea - this time directly from the beach

our travel group with travel vehicle in the back ground ... Uri, Denise and me


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