Honeymoon: Ireland pt. I

Our route

High Cross at Rock of Cashel, view to Hore Abbey

The way from Rock of Cashel to Hore Abbey

Kilarney Lakes

Märchenwald 🙂

Healy Pass, Ring of Beara


Clonmacnoise Castle - normannic fort

Cliffs of-you'd-better-not-cross-this-point-Moher

Dublin Spire - The biggest needle around (120m)

The Hairy Lemon

RobertRoberts - That's me



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6 responses to “Honeymoon: Ireland pt. I

  1. Mat

    Great! I love your sketched maps …
    Even though, I allready know some of these pictures – this is a fantastic post!
    Go on with your HDR fotos (maybe you become as good as Dude! :-D)

  2. menemorice

    Somebody has discovered HDR I see. Good on ya! Nice to see you’re bringing some life into this blog. Enjoyed the post.

  3. I did almost the same route by hitchhiking in 2004, only from Cork. GREAT TOUR! I loved the irish light, the happy people –and Guinness. Funny sketch! You spotted a UFO near Dublin??!

    • That’s exactly how we felt:
      happy people, light that makes the grass appear greener and the UFO that landed 3000 years ago. Unfortunatelly, I’m not very much into guinness (or beer at all – loved the whiskeys, though).

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