Greetings from the little family

Is everyone all right? Henri, born at march 9th with 50 cm and 3150 kg, is a little pug now (62 cm and 6300 kg) :). He laughs and sqeaks all day long. I hope we will see us soon in Freiberg.



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6 responses to “Greetings from the little family

  1. greetings back!!!

    speaks all day long… like his mother…

  2. hoog

    hello together,
    nice pic! henri is 4 months old, nearly a half year… insanity, how time´s running!
    best wishes and stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Cute! Although the most tired looking person seems to be Schmolli. Why? 😉

  4. mrpopp

    Perl White tooth paste advertisement?

  5. PappaP

    Thanks Mr. Popp! 😉

  6. Schön zu hören, dass es euch und Henri gutgeht! Bin gespannt auf neue Fotos von eurem “Großen”! 😀

    LG, Kathrin

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