Norway 2012


our vessel that brought us from Hirtshals within 3 hrs to Kristiansand


the lighthouse and the hardrock cliffs get us a first impression of Norway – weather is still fine


typical camping scenery after breakfast of common german tourists
this is our first Norwegian over night stay at Setesdalen close to Evje


above Preikestolen – view alongside the Lysefjord
one of the best days concerning the weather during our Norway trip

Preikestolen 2

not even thousands of hourses can pull me there


Låtefossen – southwestern part of the Hardangervidda ring road


fishermen’s village at Hardangerfjord
view from the coastal road south of Rosendal/Folgefonn peninsular

Bergen fish market place

Bergen – fish market place

Bergen rain

must have equipment visiting Bergen

Bergen Floyen

view from the Floyen around Bergen between two showers
“Queen Mary II” was also here and could watching the casting off.


Hesjedalsfossen near Eidslandet, Eidsfjorden
after one week all water falls became a minor interrest
seen one – seen all


Don’t ask me about the name of this colorful flower. I’m a geologist. But it looks great.


Norway in a nutshell: mountains slightly covered by snow, U-shaped valleys, lakes, grasland and water falls (out of the photograh)


on Nuhaugane, view to Hårteigen – King of Hardangervidda

sundown at Hardangervidda

sundown at Hardangervidda – scenery right after Trangia Dinner time
view to the big river Veig from Nuhaugane


sundown at Hardangervidda – 10 min later then above
rainbow above the big river Veig, view to Rjoto

tent Nuhaugane

raw image data, no postprocessing
our camping place at Nuhaugane/Hardangervidda


breakfast time
the result did not really match to the image on front of the packaging

Veig summer bridge

crossing river Veig at Hedlo
ladies first

Hardanger glacier

look to Hardanger glacier


one of the big halls inside the world longest road tunnel connecting E16 between Aurland and Lærdal

Lake Mjosa

“Kun for telt” ?!?
heavy rainfalls in the past make camping at Lake Mjosa near Gjøvik impossible

pegmatite veins

nice pegmatite veins at Hvaler/Skjærhalden

coastal trail on Hvaler

walking on the coastal trail on Hvaler

Stenkunst på Hvaler

Stenkunst på Hvaler

bonze aged rock paintings near Fredrikstad (1)

bonze aged rock paintings near Fredrikstad (1)

bonze aged rock paintings near Fredrikstad (2)

bonze aged rock paintings near Fredrikstad (2)

Hindås camping

last Trangia dinner at Scandinavia on a camping site at Hindås some 20 km east of Göteborg – insider’s choice

graphic granite

graphic granite


Anorthosite / Ytre Arna

garnet mica schist

garnet mica schist / unknown
used as road konstruction material near Grimmen/Bergen


Microcline / Setesdalen


Kugelnorit, South of Norway



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2 responses to “Norway 2012

  1. Nice! We should do this all together some day! 🙂

  2. Mat

    We agree! Let’s do this (maybe a bit more North) next year together!!!

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