Picture Riddle

Who knows what this is? Have a guess!

The one who finds the right answer first will be declared as the winner and will get an one year free access to our blog :-)!



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15 responses to “Picture Riddle

  1. mrpopp

    After a devil’s whisper: bug kids?

  2. menemorice

    Is it one of Alexa’s toys?

  3. heijah

    Mikado sticks from above!! ha!

  4. Thomas D.

    A shamrock flower plugged into the cap of a laundry basket…

  5. heijah

    tooth picks, my last offer

  6. Thomas D.

    A dextral sheared box of thootpicks on a table made of braided wickers…

  7. Mat

    Since you haven’t negated the toothpicks yet, I would also go with this answer.

  8. heijah

    danke, danke! ich krieg aber auch noch ein richtiges geschenk, ja ?!! Ja??

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